Wheels for Wellness is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit serving Winchester and the counties of Frederick, Clarke, Warren and northern Shenandoah.

Formerly known as Faith in Action, Wheels for Wellness provides free, door-to-door transportation to medical appointments and treatment for those in the service area without other means of transportation.

Faith in Action was founded in 2004 with a $35,000 grant received from the Robert Wood Johnson foundation.  A community round-table the prior year exposed the need for transportation to medical appointments and treatments as a community need.  At the time Faith in Action was an initiative of the foundation, in 2008 they shifted focus to other areas, however FIA non-profit organizations continue to operate.  

In January 2020, the Board of Directors voted to alter the name to WHEELS FOR WELLNESS to more clearly define the mission of the organization.  And hopefully become a more readily recognized transportation resource to the area.

The organization has been in continuous operation since 2004.  The program is managed by an Executive Director and an independent contractor who manages the volunteer pool and scheduling.  The service is provided by a fleet of volunteer drivers.  The volunteers use their own vehicles, gas and time.  Volunteers are screened and trained by Valley Health Systems.   

A dedicated and amazing team of volunteer drivers provide this service to clients. Below are recent statistics for the organization  


                                              2016                            2017                        2018                       2019

Total Trips                           2,522                         3,485                     2,964                     3,261

City of Winchester              599                                761                       508                           697

Frederick County               1,451                           2,065                     1,617                         1,784

Shenandoah County           226                                258                        155                            25

Warren County                    182                                 112                        115                          250

Clarke County                        64                               288                       569                          505 

# of clients served                82                                 101                      102                            88

Miles Driven                        59,584                      67,625                   61,766                     67,891

Active Volunteers                  40                                 30                         31                             29