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Download a New Client Application for a

One-Time Transport 

Do you or someone you know need assistance getting to and from doctors' appointments, dialysis, chemotherapy, colonoscopy, etc.?

Wheels for Wellness provides free, door-to-door transportation to medical appointments and treatment for those in the region without other means of transportation.

The service area includes the City of Winchester and counties of Frederick, Clarke, Warren and Northern Shenandoah.

To be considered -

  •  the applicant must reside in the service area and appointments must also be within the service area.  

  •  the patient must be ambulatory and require little to no assistance with walking, getting into/out of a vehicle.

  • the patient cannot be a Medicaid recipient.  (There are other Medicaid paid transportation services for those with Medicaid.)

PLEASE NOTE: WFW operates Monday - Friday, 7am - 7pm.  Weekend and overnight transports are not possible.

Please download and complete the application, links are above.

Completed applications can be scanned and emailed to

or  mailed to

 301 N. Cameron Street, Winchester, VA  22601

If you have any questions about the program or application you may contact the office at (540) 536-1006.

Client Stories
names have been changed for privacy 

Thanks so much for taking me to my appointments, I don't know what I would do without your help.



Margaret had been on dialysis for 16+ years, WFW drove her to and from dialysis three times a week for three and a half years.  Since she was faithfully attending her dialysis appointments she was a candidate for a kidney transplant.  After a successful transplant and anti-rejection medication she no longer needs dialysis and is relearning how to live a normal life.


A volunteer driver picks up a gentleman weekly after his dialysis.  He had been referred to WFW by the nurses at dialysis when they discovered that after his appointments he was going outside and sleeping in his truck until he felt well enough to drive himself home.



 WFW received an application from a gentleman who need transportation to/from a procedure.  Since he had Medicaid his application was initially denied.  However, we learned that this gentleman is a 14-year veteran, the procedure was scheduled for him by the VA, but since it is not being performed at a VA facility they have refused transportation. He needs medical care and as a result is suicidal.  This appointment is a reschedule, the first time the procedure was scheduled Medicaid transportation was four hours late arriving to pick him up for the appointment so he missed it.  His application for transportation has been approved so that he doesn’t miss this appointment again.   Wheels for Wellness transported this gentleman to and from his procedure as well as the two follow-up appointments.



WFW received an application from a widow who cannot drive and was diagnosed with COPD, diabetes and heart problems and carries a personal portable O2 tank.  Her daughter exhausted her time off work to take her to appointments so she turned to WFW for the numerous appointments that had been scheduled for her.  She told WFW drivers they were “angels from heaven”.  She has been attending all of her scheduled appointments with the help of WFW.



Regina had end-stage renal disease and wasn’t able to drive herself to her three-times-a-week dialysis appointments.  Thanks to being able to keep all scheduled dialysis appointments she was a candidate for a kidney transplant.  After her successful transplant she no longer requires dialysis but does have a monthly follow up appointment at the diagnostics center, to which WFW continues to transport.  Without access to WFW and consistently attending dialysis she would not have been a candidate for a transplant.



WFW was approached by a nurse at Sinclair Health Clinic about a patient they had that needed to go to UVA in Charlottesville for a life saving treatment.  Since this patient had no insurance, didn’t drive and spoke no English, he had no resources to get him to his appointment.  A WFW driver happily volunteered and spent an entire day driving the patient to his appointment, waited for him and then drove him home.  Without WFW this gentleman would not have received the treatment that was life-saving for him.



Thank you!!!  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the drivers I have had are.  Each one is very kind, considerate and have been such a blessing to me as have you.  It has taken tremendous stress off this cancer journey.  Each day I look forward to seeing them and talking with them.  God bless you all for what you do!!!


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