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Complete and Submit Volunteer Application  

Download a Volunteer Application

Completed applications can be emailed to 


mailed to 

Wheels for Wellness

301 N. Cameron Street, Suite 104

Winchester, VA  22601

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer Driver!

If you are not familiar with Wheels for Wellness it is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free transportation to medical appointments and treatment for those without other means of transportation.  Many transports are to dialysis, chemotherapy and radiation in addition to doctors’ appointments. 

The program is a managed by a part-time Executive Director and a part-time contractor who maintains the scheduling.  The service itself is provided by a fleet of generous volunteers.  Applicants are interviewed by the Executive Director then have a background check and DMV record check completed before being cleared to volunteer.

WFW volunteers use their own vehicles to transport clients.  Personal liability and secondary auto insurance coverage is provided by WFW but we also require that volunteers carry their own auto insurance. 

There is no required amount of driving/quota that must be met.  Volunteers may sign up for transports that work with their personal or work schedules.  Should a conflict arise after a volunteer has committed to a transport, we ask that our office be alerted promptly so we may make alternate arrangements for the client.  Transports are scheduled two weeks in advance.

WFW provides pertinent information for each transport.  We ask that volunteers contact clients in advance to confirm transports and that volunteers be prompt for pick-up.  We also ask that client information be kept confidential.  All clients are ambulatory, so any assistance needed should be minimal.  We ask that volunteers convey to WFW any concern regarding a client, particularly if a client’s mobility becomes impaired.

Inclement weather policy is on a case-by case basis, as transports vary.  No volunteer however, will be asked to drive in conditions in which they are not comfortable.    

Volunteers are asked to submit time and mileage monthly for all their transports. 

Interested in joining this team?  Click above for a Volunteer application.


Some volunteers go above and beyond the call to duty, these individuals are our
             Lifetime Achievers

Those recognized below have driven 10,000 miles
or more for the program
* the numbers below indicate total mileage from January 2004 or first date of service through December 2022

Buehler, Mary 

Zimet, John

Morrison, Michael 

Ritchie, Rex 

Gervasoni, Richard

Ahern, John

Marino, John 

Stickley, Rebecca 

Rogers, Jack 

Lamanna, Ann

Garcia, Mike 

DeGroot, Kim 

Chance, Steve

Melkerson, Eric 

Morith, Roko

Lawrence. Bill 

Ritenour, Cois 



















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